• LATEST: Priya Dave won Silver medal for 18th SOF National Science Olympiad.... Congratulations Priya..!!
  • LATEST: Darshil Yagnik won Gold medal in 9th SOF International Mathematics Olympiad. Congratulations Darshil

Welcome To Vikas School !

Steps towards Leadership, Discipline, Academic Excellence and Service

Message from The Chairman

A proper education would help nurture a sense of dignity and self-respect among our youth. These are qualities no law can enforce – they have to be nurtured ourselves.

Message from the Academic Desk

Vikas follows a methodology which suits each child’s learning style. Academics is not delivered through chalk and talk, resulting in rote learning without internalising the knowledge.

Facilities Available at Vikas School !

Vikas School offers best facilities for student for building a best ever learning environment as we believe in Better Learning Facilities, imparting the finest education. With a wide spectrum of student centric services, we provide a quality campus life and learning by employing all our resources to help students excel in a multi-cultural, diverse environment.

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"You have a miracle going on here and we love being a part of it."

"The Vikas school exceeded my expectations. it's not only about intellectual development, but it's also about social development as well."

"At The Vikas School I have become exactly the person I want to be."

"The Vikas School encourages kids to be resourceful, kind, and compassionate, not just intellectuals."

"It is nice not being just a test score anymore- character is what counts the most.all schools should be like this."